NFBMI web player

important note about the web player

Note: It is recommended to use a computer for listening to the stream. On safari, we have had issues listening to the stream. However, if you still want to listen on the iPhone there is a solution but requiers more steps. 1. Open the Appstore.
2. Install VLC media player.
3. When installed, open the menu.
4. Find the text field that asks you for a URL.
5. Enter htttp://
6. Hit the save button, and you should be able to listen to the stream.

web player help

When you first get on the stream, the stream will play automatically if the convention is in session. To mute the stream, press the mute button which is at the bottom of the player window. If you pause the stream, the player will remember where you left off listening. To get to the current position of the stream, hit the F5 key to refresh. If you have any feedback, please email