Blind Michigan Seniors Advocating for Seniors (BMISAFS)

Blind Michigan Seniors Advocating for Seniors (BMISAFS)

The purpose of the BMISAFS Division of the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan shall be to Legislate, Educate and Outreach to Seniors. To join together collectively to support one another in our efforts to eliminate the misconceptions about blindness and to promote the positive qualities of each senior to live the life you want.

The division conducts monthly conference calls via phone. For a schedule of monthly calls and times, please contact President Pat Pyle at 989 - 330 - 0753 or by email at

The division has held senior possibilities fairs to demonstrate the skills, techniques and positive attitude to move from dependence to independence. We center on the belief that obstacles can become our opportunities to enhance our lives as blind seniors.

Pat Pyle, President