NFBMI Six Dot Stride

Are you an NFB chapter or division member wanting to help build the Federation? Are you a new member wanting to learn what our programs do or aren't sure how to do that at the state level? We have answers, friends.

The 2022 NFBMI Six Dot Stride

Begins: October 1, 2022
Ends: November 5, 2022

October 1 begins National Blind Equality Achievement Month (BEAM), where blind people all over the nation are encouraged to promote the message of the Federation. Through advocacy initiatives and fundraising efforts, blind people all over the country take steps to change society's sometimes flawed idea of what the potential of blind people are. Join the members of the NFB of Michigan as we stride toward future programming for blind parents, students and families in this virtual walk-a-thon.


The program's goal is to raise awareness of the NFB of Michigan's upcoming and future programming for blind parents, youth and families. Signing up as a walker allows for you to compete alongside your fellow affiliate members to raise funds for the organization to devote to continued programming for these groups. Funds are all collected through online pledges using the Rally Up Platform, so there are no cash pledges. This is because the prizes are determined through the platform.

How to Participate

  1. Sign It Up: Register as a participant by visiting (Tip: Mobile version is more user friendly).
  2. Big It Up: After creating your personal profile on the platform, begin telling your friends and contacts about the programming of the Federation, our upcoming convention in Grand Rapids, and our Six Dot Stride program to continue youth programs next year.
  3. Send It Out: Share the link of the Six Dot Stride with your friends. This link will take them directly to your profile on the event page, which allows for donors to pledge either a certain amount to your stride or a certain amount per mile you walk.
  4. Walk It Out: On November 5, 2022, all participants are encouraged to track their steps or miles walked beginning at midnight. At 5 p.m. EST, the participants will submit their miles or steps walked for the day to Robert Parsons to be considered for a prize.


You know we never disappoint with the prizes for all who participate in our programs. This BEAM program lasts over a month, so there are different prizes for all involved:

  • RayCon Bluetooth Ear Buds (Highest Donor Pledge)
  • Apple TV 4k Streaming Device (Participant with Highest Pledge Total)
  • Two $50 Visa Gift Cards (Participants with Highest Distance Walked)

Note: Members that need more information about registering to participate in NFBMI Six Dot Stride can reach out to Robert Parsons at (269) 216-8640. The NFBMI At-Large Chapter will be hosting a Zoom workshop to assist members with registering to participate in the Six Dot Stride. The Visa gift cards are only eligible for participants that will be at our state convention in Grand Rapids, so please register for chances to experience our great family programming including the NFBMI Braille Carnival, White Cane Karaoke, and advocacy workshops at